So originally I meant to open this blog with a post on how great it is be positive in life and see the beauty in everything, but then I ended up having one of the crappiest days I can remember in a while. ….So…that idea did get put on hold for a moment.  But then I realized that this is life, and sometimes shitty days just happen.  Nobody can be happy all the time unless they’re lying to themselves or on some sort of medication.   Or maybe both, in which case I feel an unsettling mixture of envy and pity.

But this also made me start thinking about what this blog was going to be about in the first place.  I’ve always wanted to start keeping a blog but never started because I wasn’t sure what to write about.  Aren’t you supposed to have a topic, a niche?  But what if I just want a place to share my thoughts and experiences about whatever pleases my little head at the moment?  So I decided to just forge ahead and see what happens.  Maybe a week from now I’ll give up and forget this ever existed.  Maybe a year from now I’ll have hundreds of entries and a knack for how to do this.  I guess time will tell but for now it’s late and I want to go drink a glass of wine so good night for now!