Sometimes life brings you unexpected surprises (the good kind I mean!) completely out of the blue.  Sunday afternoon as I was driving my car home I suddenly noticed that the air and lighting around me was very strange.  Around me the sun was shining and the air was hot, but as I looked up I saw the sky in the distance was BLACK.  It was a little eerie!  I arrived just as the clouds reached my home and the sky turned the darkest gray.  Out of nowhere came these super strong winds…I guess they were so strong that they blew off tree branches all over my part of the city. Then, just as quickly as it started, the sun came back out and everything was back to normal.  Still, the air was crackling with that electric feel that happens when there’s a huge storm just waiting to happen.

Later in the evening I got a call from one of my friends, M.  She was passing through Chicago on her way to Michigan and her flight was cancelled…there would be no more available flights until Tuesday!  She was currently standing in line for a hotel voucher and wondering what I was up to.  I invited her to stay the evening at my place instead of some lonely hotel and so off we went to pick her up at around 11 in the evening.  I really enjoy her company, so it was no problem at all.  She has such a kind, free spirit and she’s very genuine.

LED Staff!

LED Staff 2!

M brought along her LED staff for dancing/spinning and so after we got her all set up at the house, we decided it might be fun to go outside and watch her spin.  S brought his video camera and turned off the motion sensor light in the yard.  We turned on some Kaskade and watched her go!  It as very awesome.  My little pup was completely entranced, cocking her head this way and that.  S and I each gave a try ourselves, it’s a lot harder than it looks but very very fun.  I might look into making a staff of my own to practice.  I could do with some sort of activity to tone my arms a little. 😛  It was a very pleasant way to spend a late Sunday night.

Afterwards over drinks (white wine and tequila depending on your preference) and cake we sat around and talked.  S had to go work on his video project so M and I talked about an upcoming trip we’re planning soon to Canada.  M is currently on a travel kick and has been spending the last few weeks exploring most of southern Californa, and is now here in the Midwest.  She was showing me pictures of trips to festivals in the deserts of California and they look so beautiful.  I think I’d really like to go.

It was a short, unexpected surprise but in this case a cancelled flight turned an ordinary Sunday night into something fun.  I felt bad about being a little happy her flight was cancelled until she said the same, haha!  She took a train into Michigan the next afternoon, but she’ll be back in a few weeks on a planned visit this time.  I’m excited because when she comes there will be someone else to subject to my musical rants in the house, and this one might actually enjoy them!  Maybe by then I’ll have my own staff to practice with too!