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Tiny Silver StarsYou know the old saying…whenever you’re LOOKING for a specific outfit on a shopping spree nothing pops up, but when you’re just browsing away suddenly all these cute things are everywhere!  I made a random trip to the shopping mall the other day to get some stuff at Target (it’s attached to the mall) and decided to stop by some of the other stores since I was there.  (On a side note, have you ever noticed that even if you’re just going to Target for one thing, you always walk out with at least forty bucks worth of crap!  Aaah!  Where does it all come from?  This stuff sneaks into my basket as stowaways I swear!!)  Anyways, I ended up with the dress and shoes pictured above.  Shoes are from Spring and dress is from Forever 21.  This dress is something of a reach for me as I tend to shy away from prints, but I grabbed it on a whim and was amazed at how well it fit me.  And it was only fifteen bucks.  Hurray!  Forever 21 is great for random, fun pieces that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on.

Is this the perpetual law of the universe?  When you’re content and not looking or thinking about a certain thing is when it comes the easiest.  Not to try and turn my shopping trip into something deep and profound or anything, it is just a dress after all. 🙂

Also, here are pics from the latest post I made on my Chictopia Profile :

Just a bohemian fortune teller look I made for fun.  Not sure where I would wear this out but I like the idea…maybe I should redo this look in a forest or outdoor background…This is ironically one of the only other clothing items I possess in a print.


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