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Warning: This will be a very pic intensive post.

I Love Canada

So… I took a mini road trip with Michelle to Toronto, then back to Michigan a few weeks ago.  And I’ve been meaning to write about it, and meaning to…and then…almost a month has passed and I still haven’t gotten to it.   I still have like two pounds of random Canadian coins in my purse that I keep accidentally trying to pay for things with wtf…anyways.

So to be honest on the way there we were cracking jokes about Canada (such an exotic destination, beware of mounties!…etc etc) and on the back we were crying because we didn’t want to leave.  It’s about a 8-9 hour drive depending how fast you speed which route you take.  It’s not a great distance, but to be honest the whole trip was a lot of fun and it really reminded me to take more sudden adventures whenever circumstance allows.

The Blue Bridge which officially crosses over into Canada (are there yet are we there yet??) :

Pics of the city.  Downtown Toronto reminds me a lot of Chicago, as it’s right on the water with a lot of tall buildings.  Toronto appears to a bit cleaner however:


We were there over the weekend, and got in just as the sun was setting on Friday evening.  That night we went to see First State (trance artist) at Toika Lounge.  Being the forgetful moron I am, I completely forgot to take pics but we both had a great time.  The vibe was relatively low key and people seemed friendly enough.  If I lived in Toronto I would definitely stop at the events there regularly.  Because I love trance music.  And having a great time.  And friendly people. 😉

The next day we met up with Elaine of Fabulous Living Coach, a lifestyle and traveling blog.  I highly recommend you check her site out, she’s currently in Greece and the pictures make me want to jump ship right now and join her.  🙂  She was kind enough to give us a mini tour of Toronto.  Once again, I forgot to get any pics of the three of us because I was so busy looking at everything else. 😦  We decided to meet her in Dundas Square, which is a bit like Times Square in NY to me.  There was a Green Living Festival going on in the square that day, so we wandered around a bit while we waited to meet her.

Michelle eating some vegan samosas and fizzy lemonade:

Besides eating yummy food, we also talked to a guy walking around on stilts with a mess of white and green dreadlocks, held some exotic snakes around our necks (yah forgot the pics again whoops) and met this guy, who built this underwater percussion machine:

Afterwards we walked into Kensington Village.  I love it there!  It’s a few blocks of colors and creativity and general weirdness.  The houses there are all shops and it’s a great place to wander around and spend a few hours. Some shots of the shops we wandered through:

Bubble machine! 🙂

Michelle and I shopping for hats:

…I really wanted the feathered one but couldn’t justify the rather hefty price tag.  Michelle bought the horned hat and the proceeded to walk through Kensington, Chinatown, and downtown with it on.  🙂

Gardens in a car and hanging purses:

And then we came across a building with a giant alien on the front.  Naturally we felt compelled to go investigate:

Apparently there is currently a dubstep musical about alien abduction in the theater?  The artist creating airbrush posters outside was kind enough to give us a tour of the inside, and looked genuinely confused at why we were laughing so hard.  We both fully intended to go, but accidentally slept through it later that evening -.-

Description of the play:

While we were there Toronto also had the Play Me I’m Yours pianos hanging out around the city.  Saturday evening we got some food at a restaurant then walked past one on the way back to the hotel.  Out of impulse we decided to go over and start playing some tunes.  Before I knew it there was a small crowd and we were taking turns performing, singing, and making requests.  We were there at least two hours, it’s crazy how music brings people together.  I met some super talented pianists and singers.  Music is the only thing for me that makes me so happy that everything else can completely melt away.  I was so incredibly happy while I was standing there, it was such a perfect, spontaneous summer night.  I have videos of some people playing The Scientist and Hey Jude but still working out how to get them off my phone 😛

We both really loved Toronto and the trip, and agreed that a trip to Montreal is next on the list.  People there seemed really nice and friendly.  Also, everyone in Toronto was so stylish!  I saw so many cute outfits on girls and guys, I felt like a slob in my t-shirt and jeans. 😛

This trip really reminds me that I really must do more traveling.  There’s something about going somewhere new that opens your mind to new possibilities and approaches.  Afterwards we made a stop by Lake Michigan where Michelle’s dad lives to hang out on the water and relax, but I’ll save that for part 2 as I’m pretty sure this is already quite long.

Ending with a pic of a squirrel.  This guy was such a camera tease, he’d walk right up and as soon as I would point the camera at the ready he’d run away again:

-end of part 1-


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